Tips For Making Your Time With Your Divorce Attorney More Efficient

4 December 2015
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If you are going through a divorce, you might feel lost in your break up and in the legal details of this process. While your attorney is there to help and be there with you every step of the way, you can try your best to use this time wisely. Read more here about four ways you can keep your time with your attorney efficient and to its best use.

1. Write Down all of Your Questions

Don't call your lawyer when every question that pops into your head. Schedule meeting times and bring with you questions and details that come up in between your time together. If you have questions about custody, alimony, or other divorce-related matters, you will do better keeping these until your lawyer is fully thinking about your specific case.

2. Be On Time for Meetings and Conference Calls

Your attorney might charge you for time that they are held up if you are late to your scheduled time together. You should treat your time with your attorney like you would treat a job. Make sure to show up early to all meetings and court times so that you can get the most out of your divorce attorney's services.

3. Try Your Best to Keep Things Amicable With Your Spouse

If you can work out certain details with your spouse off the record, this will save you both time and money when it comes to lawyers. This isn't to say you should go without representation if you are in agreement on most divorce related decisions. This can just help move things along when it comes to settlements and writing out details. If you already have a plan in mind when it comes to splitting up assets and time with kids, you and your ex can bring this to mediation meetings and keep your case moving forward.

4. Keep Things Professional

While going through a divorce can be difficult, you need to remember that you are your lawyer's client and you need to keep the relationship professional. You might feel close to your lawyer since they know all of the details surrounding your divorce. This doesn't mean that you should go into emotional details about your divorce. Stick to the facts in order to use this time more wisely.

The important thing is that you discuss payments and billing right away with your divorce lawyer. If you know how this works, you won't be surprised when you are billed for phone calls and email correspondence. If are professional and use both your time and your lawyer's time wisely, you can save yourself some money and have more efficient interactions with your divorce attorney.