Will You Get Palimony?

26 October 2018
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Palimony is more or less like alimony, but there is one major difference. While alimony is paid to a former spouse, palimony is paid by one member of an unmarried couple to the other if their relationship breaks down. As with alimony, not everyone is entitled to palimony in case their relationship breaks down. When You May Get Palimony There are three main circumstances that may see you enjoy palimony if you separate from your partner. Read More 

Do You Need A Probate Attorney After The Death Of A Loved One?

11 September 2018
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Deciding whether or not to hire a probate attorney can depend on a lot of things but the decision is often one made by the executor of the estate. Because the executor is responsible for settling everything, there may be things that come up that they need help with. This is where a probate attorney comes in.  What Is Probate? Put simply, probate is the process of distributing the estate of the deceased to the heirs and beneficiaries. Read More 

2 Financial Steps To Take When Facing A Senior Divorce

4 July 2018
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Divorce at any age is painful. But, for seniors, separation introduces an extra set of challenges. If you're facing divorce later in life, it's vital you know how to move forward, especially when it comes to your finances. Here are two critical things you need to do now to protect yourself.  1. Consider Financial Freedom The marital home, vacation home and the dream car you always wanted all seem like assets you want to keep after the divorce. Read More 

Tips For Going Through Your Divorce

30 April 2018
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The experience of divorce can be a traumatic and trying experience. There will be many legal issues and conflicts that will arise over the course of these proceedings, but these are not the only steps that will need to be followed. More precisely, there are a few tips that can help you with establishing yourself after the divorce. Minimize Contact With Your Ex-Spouse It can be tempting for individuals to want to reach out to their former spouses following divorce proceedings. Read More 

Don’t Mess Around With A Misdemeanor

6 February 2018
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Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be frightening, no matter what the charge. A lot of people think that misdemeanors do not carry serious consequences and that by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge, they can avoid the hassle of fighting the charge in court. Unfortunately, this type of thinking could lead you down a dark path. You don't want to mess around with a misdemeanor. Being aware of the consequences that could be associated with a misdemeanor charge will help you make informed decisions when it comes to hiring an attorney to help you mount a defense. Read More