When Is Non-Attorney Divorce Mediation A Good Choice?

13 July 2023
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An old maxim in the legal profession is that the lawyers are the only winners in hotly contested divorces. Fortunately, divorce mediation without a lawyer might be an option for you. It can be the right choice for people in the following three circumstances. Little or Nothing at Stake People picture divorce the way it appears in the media. A former couple is fighting over custody of their kids, possession of the house, and who gets the dog. Read More 

Guardianship Attorney: Contentious Divorces

31 May 2023
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The divorce process can be challenging and emotionally charged, especially when it involves children's custody and welfare. One legal role that becomes crucial during these difficult circumstances is that of a guardianship attorney.  Here's how guardianship attorneys function and their importance during contentious divorces. Understanding the Role of a Guardianship Attorney A guardianship attorney is a legal professional who specializes in handling cases related to guardianship. Advocacy: In the context of a contentious divorce, a guardianship attorney may serve in several capacities, such as representing a parent or the child or acting as guardian ad litem. Read More 

Why Is It Appropriate To Seek The Divorce Attorney’s Help When Divorcing?

14 March 2023
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Almost everyone has several questions running through their mind when filing for divorce. For instance, they wonder whether they will win custody, get spousal support, and get a fair share of their family property. Others are unsure whether life will ever be meaningful without their partner. However, the most critical concern is whether you should hire a divorce attorney to offer legal help. Typically, handling a divorce process yourself is risky because it involves complicated legal procedures. Read More