2 Mistakes To Avoid When You First File For Divorce

25 February 2019
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If you have either filed for divorce or getting the paperwork ready, you may believe that simply filing breaks any obligations you have toward your soon-to-be ex-spouse. However, if you start acting with this line of thinking, you run the risk of making a couple of mistakes that you should never make when you first file for divorce. 1. Leaving and Taking Your Children Without Your Spouse's Knowledge Especially if you are fed up with your spouse, your first instinct may be to pack up your bags, gather your children together, and simply leave the house without your spouse even knowing what is happening. Read More 

How To Get The Quit Deed Claim Signed In Divorce

23 January 2019
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When you get divorced and you're granted the house, the judge will order the other party to sign what is called a quit deed claim. This is a claim that removes the other party from the financial gain of the home in the event of selling or refinancing the property, but may not remove them entirely from the mortgage. This means that even though you are granted the rights to the property in divorce, the other party will still be financially responsible for the home. Read More