Tips To Help You Hire The Right Divorce Attorney

12 June 2020
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Hiring a divorce attorney is a bit like finding the perfect pair of shoes. There are a lot of great ones out there, but not everyone is the right one for you. The decision of which attorney to hire is not a decision you should take lightly. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Do not share an attorney with your ex-spouse.

Sometimes couples figure they will save some cash by sharing an attorney. However, this rarely plays out well. Even if you and your spouse are getting along and think you'll have a completely amicable divorce, there is a chance things could go south at any point. If this does happen, you need a lawyer in your corner who has your best interests at heart — and only your best interests. Most experts even advise against hiring an attorney who works at the same law firm as the attorney your spouse hires, although in a small town, you may have no other option.

2. Don't choose based on cost.

While you may not need to hire the most expensive attorney in the phone book, you should not simply hire the cheapest representation, either. Lawyers who have been in the business longer can charge a bit more because they have more expertise and are better able to help you get what you deserve out of the divorce agreement. Sure, lawyer #2 may cost $1,000 more, but if they get you an extra $5,000 a year in alimony, hiring them was worth it, right?

3. Choose someone you feel comfortable around.

You might assume you should hire an attorney who comes off as mean or rude, but this is not really the best approach. Divorce cases are really about being persistent and clear. There's really no need for anger in the courtroom. You are better off hiring someone who you feel comfortable around since then you'll be better able to be open with them. When you're more open with your lawyer, they'll be better able to negotiate for you and make sure you get your needs met in the divorce.

It's okay to take a little time to find the right lawyer to represent you. Meet with a couple of attorneys and see what you think. You want to hire someone who you feel comfortable around, and someone who does not have a potential conflict of interest.

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