What Auto Accident Attorneys Do To Get Their Clients Compensated If They're Hit By A Borrowed Vehicle

3 May 2022
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It's common for people to lend their car to family members or friends without thinking about what may happen. However, handling such cases can be quite challenging if these individuals get into an accident with the borrowed vehicle. In fact, if you're the victim in such a case, you may be at crossroads on whose insurer to file a claim against between the borrowers and the car owners. The good news is that an auto accident attorney can help you recover a settlement in such a circumstance. These attorneys will do several things to ensure justice is served. This article outlines three of them.

Determining If Permission Was Granted

The regulations in most states require automobile owners to have a liability policy for their cars. This way, should anyone be injured due to their negligence, the insurer will compensate them for their losses. However, this policy may only be applied if the car owner or somebody with permission to use the car causes a crash. Permission can be granted verbally, written, or implied through actions. 

Lawyers know how to determine if the car owner permitted the borrower to use their car. If this permission wasn't offered, the liable individual could be charged for stealing the vehicle. If you're a victim in such a case, an attorney will help you seek reimbursement through an uninsured motorist claim. 

Determining Negligence

Negligence could be caused by several reasons, although being distracted while driving is the most common. However, some things could make a driver more reckless. These include if they have a suspended license, history of traffic violations, operating a car while intoxicated, and driving while under the legal age. 

Attorneys can find out the real cause of the recklessness that led the borrower of a vehicle to collide with you. If this individual is a minor, the responsibility for their actions will fall upon their parent's shoulders. This also applies if the negligent individual has an invalid license and a criminal history.

Appealing a Denied Claim

It can be easy for an insurer to refuse to award you compensation after realizing the vehicle that caused the accident was rented. They may claim that the owner granted no official permission. If your request is turned down for whatever reason, it's advisable to contact a crash lawyer immediately. They'll do everything possible, including developing a strong case and fighting for your interests in court to ensure you're paid for your losses.

While lending a vehicle to a friend or a loved one isn't bad, many things can happen if they collide with other motorists. Auto accident attorneys can use various tactics to help you get awarded for your damages if you're the victim. 

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